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Case based learning experience and discussions

New AGENDA in 2023

In 2023 will focus again on case based discussions of coronary cases, materials and techniques.
The new format features twice as many shows, now on two Thursdays per month and will be streamed on our website and on the Youtube channel of cathlab_tv.

We now also accept case submissions to topics of your choice and a best case award at the end of the year.

The TV Show

Two Thursdays per month
18:00 - 19:00 CET

​Complex interventional procedures demand extensive experience and skills of the operators and a plethora of materials and techniques. The possibilities and indications have increased over the last decades since the invention of coronary angioplasty by Andreas Grünzig in 1977. Interactive learning is important to educate young interventional cardiologists and technicians in the cathetirization laboratories around the world. Case based studies combine practice and theory and provide an ideal ground for questions and lively discussions. 

On two Thursdays per month we are presenting interventional cases and open them for discussion. The audience is invited to lively discuss the cases and add great value to this interactive course.

The Conference
Grey Round Patterns


What is

One of our goals is to openly discuss interventional coronary procedures, materials and techniques.

Interventional cardiologist and cathlab technicians are welcome to join us for the interactive discussion.



Proud to bring inspirational speakers and experts in the field



interactive learning experience

Past Events

Past Events

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